After each of the four modules at UCT GSB, the delegates are given an opportunity to rate and comment on the course content and the quality of presentation of each module.

GSB Principal Evaluation:
3 positions papers                          55% of overall mark
3 reflective papers                          30% of overall mark
Group work                                     15% of overall mark

Principals are also required to submit: weekly reflections, critical incident logs, know yourself workbook, become a better value creator workbook, ethics work book, achieve personal challenges work book and a financial assignment.


Baseline assessment (based on WCED evaluations so no further testing required to be done.)

The influence that principals have on learner performance is mostly indirect and is largely dependent on their ability to create a learning environment that is goal orientated and which promotes behaviours that encourage engagement and high quality teaching and learning.

National Senior Certificate Bachelor-level (NSC) passes:
This is one the of the measure the Principals Academy uses to assess the effectiveness of its programme. Each schools NSC results are collected and analysed by coach and principal.

Systemic tests:
The Western Cape Education Department’s systemic tests are externally set, marked and are used to assess the language and Mathematics performance of learners in Grade 3, 6 and 9 in all public schools in the province. The learners home language is used in the tests in Grade 3 but in Grades 6 and 9 learners are tested using the language of tuition that is used in the school. This presents a considerable challenge to learners who must take these tests in the language which is not their home language and is but one of the factors that accounts for the generally poor performance of Grade 6 and 9 learners in these tests. These tests are collected by the coaches of each Principals Academy School and also evaluated.

Principals Competency Assessment Instrument

‘No school improves without being led’ Professor John West-Burnham

Monitoring professional growth:

The Principals Competency Assessment instrument is used by the coach of each principal to assess his or her performance in each category of competence using a 10 point scale. The principals are scored at 6-monthly intervals. While scoring principals in this way is largely subjective, it does over time provide the coaching team with a useful measure of the professional growth of each principal on the programme.


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