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We empower school leadership for the benefit of South African learners on their education journey.




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At the Principals Academy Trust (PAT) we believe that the principal and leadership team in every school are the lever for change. By empowering these key roleplayers we strive to create conducive learning environments that promote continuous improvement.

With your support we can make a positive impact on the quality of schooling in South Africa, helping learners to achieve their individual best. Ensuring a better tomorrow for all South Africa’s children starts here.

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The benefits of our programme:

We put systems in place so that principals can delegate responsibilities and therefore improve accountability.


  • More reflective with a better understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Better understanding of the drivers of school improvement.
  • Improved confidence.
  • Improved people-management skills.
  • Better execution of improvement strategies.
  • Helps to see the school in a more systemic way.


  • Improved delegation and levels of accountability.
  • Senior Management, Subject, Tutor and Phase teams meet regularly and support collective decisions.
  • Improved planning with more consultation in the planning process.
  • Improved monitoring of dates and deadlines.


  • Greater staff commitment to their own professional development.
  • Improved teaching quality.


  • Improved learner performance in National Senior Certificate / Systemic test.


How do we achieve change?

Through an academic component, targeted at principals, the programme initiates a paradigm shift on how to manage and lead effectively and efficiently.

The principal is the lever for change as she or he is required to drive school improvement by:

  • establishing a clear educational vision and a shared institutional mission with all stakeholders,
  • knowing how well the school is accomplishing that mission,
  • identifying areas for improvement,
  • developing plans to change educational activities and programmes,
  • implementing those plans or new programmes effectively, and
  • being able to sustain improvement after PAT’s support is concluded.

PAT supports the principals by offering mentoring / coaching from retired school principals to assist with knowledge and expertise. We also support teachers in the classroom in the areas of Mathematics and English to augment the work done with the leadership roleplayers.


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