Keeping in touch in tough times


Newsletters written by Coach Paul Cassar to support principals in difficult times.


Classroom Management and the Institutional 3Rs

Looking back on our valuable experience as teachers and school leaders, we all know that, whether we have one or two degrees, our training as teachers only really started on our first day as full-time classroom practitioners. It’s in that cauldron - that forty-plus...

Passion – The Driving Force In School and in Life

I had two or three topics in mind for today’s letter, but a message this week from one of my past learners galvanised my thinking and led me to share some ideas about passion as the indispensable ingredient for quality learning and teaching. I’m interested in passion...

The Buzz is Back; Use it

The Buzz is Back; Use it

I’ve said before that I became a teacher because I loved the vibe of a school and I became a principal because I felt I could influence that vibe and give it, substance, personality, and direction. We all felt that buzz again on Monday when distance disappeared, and...

ONE moment, ONE day, ONE school

Can you think of ONE person whose life you impacted this week? You’re a principal so the answer is many. If, like most heads, you have a presence about you and a passion for your school and its people, then it’s really many.

Teacher, it’s time to chat

School improvement is at the core of any comprehensive plan for 2022. An often overlooked tool is an annual planning conversation with each teacher. Not all principals are wired for open, direct and sometimes confrontational courageous conversations, but a well-planned, purposeful interaction based on reflection, expectation and team emphasis for 2022, will give your school a collective boost.

Are you all ok?

Although the pandemic has seriously affected communities in general and schools in particular, we’re still learning about its huge impact on so many aspects of our roles as principals. What has become a vital part of the principal’s responsibility is the mental health...

Unifying your teachers and your team

You may remember a previous letter entitled, ’How would you like to work for a boss like you?’ Never forget to put yourself in the shoes of others, whether a troubled teenager or a member of your team who is taking strain or hurting or even just captured by a clique....

The Toughest Leadership Test

Tough times. That’s a phrase I use to preface every letter I write because the principal’s office has certainly been a tough space in the last 16 months. The toughest leadership test – is the title of an article by three international McKinsey partners to help CEOs...

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