Teachers supporting teachers


Newsletters written by TSP team member Jenny van Velden to support teachers in the new normal.


TST 15 of 2023

Hello Friends We recently acknowledged and honoured teachers on World Teachers’ Day. During the day on October the 5th, I listened to children across the country being asked why they felt their teacher was special and needed to be thanked. The overwhelming response to...

TST 14 of 2023

Hello Friends We have just celebrated Literacy Week in our schools.  So many of you went out of your way to make it a special time for your learners and to encourage them to make books their friends. The concerning thing is, that in some classrooms it took a specific...

TST: 15 of 2021

Schools are a hive of activity at the moment and there seems to be very little time to sit back and reflect on the year that has passed. Reflection, in the few weeks that are left of this term, is important for each and every one of us in order to look to the new year with optimism.

TST: 10 of 2021

Hello Friends. It was a great relief to watch the children making their way through the school gates last week. They greeted their classmates with such joy that it made me realise yet again how much they have missed the contact and interaction with children their own...

TST: 9 of 2021

Hello Friends. The term ‘glass half full’ is used to refer to an attitude of seeing the positive in a situation - in other words an optimistic outlook. On the flip side we have the ‘glass half empty’ attitude where one only sees the negative side of a situation – a...

TST: 8 of 2021

Hello Friends. We’re still early into the new term and we’re already detecting fatigue and a sense of mild panic amongst some of the teachers we meet. As I said in my last letter, we all need to work hard at keeping ourselves motivated and in turn we’ll motivate...

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